Tuesday 24 January 2017

Lyf How to reach or beat a GHS? (Part 4)

Avoid of long trips

Long trips can be avoided or be reduced by some ways.
One is to use mirrors. Levels containing enough mirrors are usually corresponding to surprisingly good GHS. Eg. #0203—GHS is only 34/51.

Picture 8.1 shows the beginning:
Picture 8.1
Guess how many times I shot effectively before taking the first move.

The answer is 36. See Picture 8.2.
Picture 8.2
Picture 8.3 shows the ending:
Picture 8.3
I am good at this kind of levels (while bad at pure sokoban levels). Let mirrors link together and you can control things without move much.
One is “two by two” instead of “one by one”. Also take #0635 for example. I sent the blocks to the bottom two by two, then sent them to the southwest corner two by two (except the block to A15). There are some sacrifices because the 2 blocks obstruct each other but in many cases we can save more. How about “three by three?” It’s hard to say, because the sacrifices are more, while 1-1/2=1/2, 1/2-1/3=1/6, 1/2>1/6. Another interesting example Is #0010—we clean the antitanks at Column A(and P) two by two, so we can push N15&B14 to Column B&O to save moves.

See Picture 8.4 & 8.5:
Picture 8.4
Picture 8.5
Thanks for reading this article.

This tutorial is written by Li YiFeng nick lyf.

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