Monday 5 September 2016

LaserTank School

In LaserTank School you can increase your skills. What grades do you have at LaserTank school?

Grade for passing level:


You missed the level.
You passed the level.
You passed the level not more than 1/2 moves than record.
You passed the level not more than 1/4 moves than record.
You passed the level the same as record.
You beat record.

Grade for creating level:


You don't create level.
You created Kids Level.
You created Easy Level.
You created Medium Level.
You created Hard Level.
You created Deadly Level.

Extended skills:

Foreign language skills

When you sucessfully translate LaserTank to another language. 

Graphic skills

When you make beautiful skin.
When you make artwork level. 

Social skills

When you show somebody LaserTank game.
When you help somebody to pass levels.
When you create something together: new levels, translations... 

Marketing skills

When you promote LaserTank on your site.
When you promote LaserTank in socialmedia example Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook.

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