Tuesday 27 December 2016

LaserTank - 894 - Making Waves

Difficulty: Medium
Author: K2

LaserTank - 892 - Checker Lake

Difficulty: Medium
Author: K2

LaserTank - 890 - Strategize

Difficulty: Easy
Author: RA

Lyf The tips of Sokoban-I#0100

Thanks a lot to the blog owner for giving me the chance to say sth. about this level on her blog.
I will have a talk about how to reach a score no worse than 649 moves.

Invitation to writing

It's nice to inform you that Li YiFeng nick lyf wrote some tutorials about playing LaserTank.  Li YiFeng is Author 22 Levels (1 Not Rated, 11 Deadly, 8 Hard, 2 Medium) and as lyf he establisth over 125 records (41 Deadly, 45 Hard, 29 Medium, 10 Easy).  Greatly thank Li YiFeng for series of articles that will appear on the blog on a weekly basis.
I know that many people are better than me as Authos LaserTank levels and GHS Hunters if somebody wants divide us experience, ideas about playing or creating good levels please contact me by contact form.
Thank you all for the work, let your hard work will not die with you what you write is more immortal.