Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Lyf The tips of Sokoban-I#0100

Thanks a lot to the blog owner for giving me the chance to say sth. about this level on her blog.
I will have a talk about how to reach a score no worse than 649 moves.

See Picture 1.

 It is an important situation. Here I leave a block on the top because near the end I have to shoot from H2, then I can bring K3 to H10. 3*2 blocks are in Line 14&15, later I will shoot them to the left side conveniently. Then the 3*2 blocks changed into 2*3 blocks(Later you will see). And there are another 4 blocks—After finishing pushing the 3*2 blocks to the left, I go up to deal with them. It seems that if I go up at this moment, I can push the 4 blocks nearer to the destinations with fewest sacrifices.
If you find difficulty to reach this situation, you can see picture 1.1:

See Picture 2.

Here I divide the 6 blocks into 2 groups. I push the former 3 blocks into water then come to the bottom to push the other 3.
Then I deal with the rest 4 blocks: push them to the left-bottom corner.

See picture 3.

Here I push a block right to the river without wasting moves. That is part of the reason why I send 2 groups of 3-blocks earlier.

See picture 4:

Usually we push blocks far away “2 by 2” instead of “4 blocks together” because the latter plan needs too much sacrifices, since blocks obstruct each other. But here I choose to send them together up, because before I push a second block into water, I must go to Line 8 to push the former block right into the river. So in the way I can bring B3,B5 and B7 up so that the sacrifices can be reduced.

Picture 5 is the end.

The score may probably be beaten again in the future.

This tutorial is written by Li YiFeng nick lyf.

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