Tuesday 10 January 2017

Lyf How to reach or beat a GHS? (Part 2)

Data never tell lies

Newbie like me (when I was young 12 years ago) may got surprised while finding a GHS contains soooooo few moves. However, Data is honest so it is always possible to reach. Be confidence. Further, data are good hint for us.
Eg. #0002—the GHS score is amazing 10 moves. From the fact you can learn more. It can be proved that E15 block must be pushed up so you must spend 5 moves before you get upon the tank-movers. And another 2 moves should be spent near the end. You are left only 3 moves. Then, to find a 3-moves’ miracle is not very hard since you know there IS a miracle. You can try it before seeing the following details:

Picture 3.1 shows the beginning:
Picture 3.1

See Picture 3.2:

Picture 3.2

Go to I2, go to G3, shoot left 10 times, go up (Picture3.3):


Shoot F2 to N2, shoot down, shoot D3 to N3, shoot down until you go to A14. Picture 3.4 shows the ending:

Picture 3.4

Eg. #0182—when I solved it in the first time, I spent more than 100 moves and couldn’t remember how many shots(very many). However GHS showed that the shots is only 27 while you should probably spend at least 26 shots to move O15 to C1. So, there must be a shortcut and I found it without much efforts. See Picture 4.1&4.2 for the beginning and ending:

Picture 4.1

Picture 4.2

Eg. #0185—Clearly we need all the 5 blocks. But since we only need 41 moves according to GHS, our tank don’t need to move to the upside of the map to get the blocks. There must be a way, making good use of mirrors to push them down. GHS’s solution of this level is excellent and it deserves efforts.

Picture 5.1 &5.2 show the beginning and ending:

Picture 5.1

Picture 5.2

Thanks for reading this article.
This tutorial is written by Li YiFeng nick lyf.

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