Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Lyf How to reach or beat a GHS? (Part 5)


I define that 6 moves is a unit because in many levels we should push many blocks, and we usually let our tank move like a knight in chess. The knight go and return—such as our tank takes 6 moves.
If you can find ways to save moves in some units:6-->4 or 6-->2 or even 6-->0, you will be more efficient. Savings are even more, if you can do several similar processes in that level.
Eg. #0218—See Picture 9.1, at I9J9 and L9L10 there are 4 blocks which are going to I7I8 and N9O9. Our tank shoots right twice->(go to) L11->shoot up-> K9->shoot right 3 times->I10(I cut the processes of “go to the up-right island and return”)->shoot up->K9->shoot left-> I10->shoot up twice, cost 15 moves(including two units). But there is another way to save moves: shoot right twice->I10->shoot up->L11->shoot up->K9->shoot left->shoot right 3 times -> I10 (I cut the processes of “go to the up-right island and return”)-> shoot up twice, cost 13 moves. The unit corresponding to J9 has been saved by 2 moves.

Picture 9.1
Picture 9.2 & 9.3 show the beginning and ending of this level.

Picture 9.2

Picture 9.3
This tutorial is written by Li YiFeng nick lyf.

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